Girl’s Dorm Project 2018

To Member Churches, Supporting Churches, Camp Alumni, and Parents:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from the board members of Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp.

As you may or may not know, in the late 40’s and early 50’s, men and women from what we call the “Great Generation” such as, Harvey and Genevieve Elder, Merrill and Bernice Ferguson, Clarence Potter and others had a vision to start a young people’s camp. This was the humble beginning of Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp

 just south of New Point, MO on a property leased from Harvey Elder.Our churches began to support and contribute to this vision through their ministries and volunteers. Our own Alvin and Mary Inez Reed being very involved in the early stages of camp development. Our forefathers in this effort were very adamant in their commitment to preaching Christ, and held the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God. We are still committed to these principles today.

Through the years, many knees have been skinned, many tummies have been filled with delicious food, countless lessons have been taught, many tears have been shed, and, most of all, many sins have been washed away.

Also through the years, many thumbs have been hit, and many cuts and scratches have been incurred as countless volunteers have built buildings, cut brush, mowed grass, prepared food, and repaired this or that. That’s just camp; the beautiful place God blessed us with.

Today we are the parents, grandparents, and even the great grandparents of those now attending camp. If we could count the camp alumni, they would number in the thousands and could be found in almost every state in the USA.

Thank you for allowing us to do some reminiscing, we need to remember the past as we look forward to the future, and looking to the future is where we find ourselves today. Flaming Spirit Camp is having growing pains. We are out of room in the dorms. Extending the number of weeks in the camp season would be an extreme burden on our area ministers and other volunteers. Four weeks of continuous camp with over 500 students is exhausting to even the hardiest of souls. The camp board has determined that our best solution to this problem is to add additional dorm space for the girls.

The building would be very similar to the present girl’s dorm. It would measure 80×24 feet. It could sleep at least 40 girls. It would have showers, toilets, and sinks, and yes girls – it’s own BIG water heater. It would sit south of the south wing of the present girl’s dorm, very close to, but not attached to the present structure.

The material cost of the building has been estimated to be a minimum of $30,000. We have volunteers in the area with the skills and equipment to erect this building with volunteer labor.

We have 17 member churches we are counting on, plus non-member churches and individuals, to be willing to contribute financially to this project. We would like to have the funds in place by February 1, 2018 so we could have the dorm completed for the 2018 camp season.

We are asking for your prayers and support in this project.

Please make checks payable to Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp and mail them to the following address:

Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp
℅ Jim Kinsinger
2601 Jules St.
St Joseph, MO 64501

Board Members of Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp